Academy of Evil (chapter)Bandicoots BookBoiler Room Doom (chapter)
Cavern Catastrophe (chapter)Crash Hears A Who!Crash Meets Miscrits
Crash of the NinjasFangfuleasts (species)Fishes of N. Sanity
Ground SpikesHenry CrymbleskiesHigh Seas Hi-Jinks (chapter)
Iceberg Lab (chapter)Jimaica CrymbleskiesJungle Bungle (chapter)
Kagura NitrogatKennaKiller the Killer
Kuti Kuti (game)Lime LetriceMagicite Team
Marapets TwinsanityMojoN.Tropy And His Minion (chapter)
Naruto Twinsanity WikiNatalie 'Nap' NiteNina's Voodoo Doll
PipePower CrystalPsychetron
ShindanSlip-Slide Icecapades (chapter)Spy Bots
The Arachnina (book)The Battler (book)The Bratgirls (book)
The Doom Monkey (book)The Ee-Lectric (book)The Goar (book)
The Koo-Ala (book)The Ratcicle (book)The Ratnician (book)
The Rhinoroller (book)The Scorporilla (book)The Shellephant (book)
The Sludge (book)The Snipe (book)The Spike (book)
The Stench (book)The Totem God (chapter)The Voodoo Bunny (book)
The Yuktopus (book)Totem Hokum (chapter)Tribesbook
Uka Uka (book)Wumpa BeachWumpjuice
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